Q.10: Kumar wanted to purchase a fuel efficient car having the latest standards regarding - Q.11: Ultra Televisions Ltd.' is offering its 90” TV sets at a discount of 15,000 for a period of one - Q.12: Explain any three points of importance of planning function of management - Q.13: Explain any three limitations of planning function of management. - Q.14: Distinguish between Formal and Informal organisation on the basis of the following: - Q.15: Distinguish between Functional and Divisional structure on the basis of the following - Q.16: Explain Vestibule Training and 'Apprenticeship Programme' as methods of training. - Q.17: One of the functions of Securities and Exchange Board of India is ‘Promotion of fair - Q.18: . 'G. Motors' is the manufacturer of sophisticated cranes. The Production manager of the -