Q.1: How are covalent bonds formed ? - Q.2: Define electropositivity.- Q.3: The atomic radii of first group elements are given below : Group-I element Atomic Radii (pm) - Q.4: Answer question numbers 3(a) to 3(d) on the basis of your understanding of the following paragraph and the related studies concepts.The Tehri Dam has been the object of protests. - Q.5: Questions numbers 4(a) to 4(d) are based on table given below. Study the table in which the levels of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) - Q.6: The sky appears dark to passengers flying at very high altitudes mainly because : (a) Scattering of light is not enough at such heights. - Q.7: A cylindrical conductor of length ‘l’ and uniform area of cross section ‘A’ has resistance 'R'. - Q.8: The maximum resistance which can be made using four resistors each of resistance 1/2 Ω is - Q.9: A diagram of traditional water harvesting system is given below : The statement which defines the system and its parts is -