Que. 10. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:

Max bit his lip nervously. The knocking was repeated.

"What will you do now, Max ?" Ausable asked. “If I do not answer the door, they will enter anyway. The door is unlocked. And they will not hesitate to shoot".

(a) Who is Max?

(i) a spy

(ii) a tourist

(iii) a businessman

(iv) a waiter

(b). Max became nervous because :

(i) he got scared of Ausable.

(ii) he thought the police had come.

(iii) the door was unlocked.

(iv) Ausable did not get up to open the door.

(c) Actually the door was knocked at by the ____.

(d) Which word in the extract is opposite in meaning to the word 'confidently' ?


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